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Wants List
(I mean after peace, love, enlightenment, security, fulfillment, and ecstasy for all beings)
we all have wants (and when we want something enough, needs)... two who share the same or similar wants/needs can help each other and sometimes two are required... I know I feel good when I can helps someone, so let me know what I can do for you... this page will list what you can help me with in relative priority order and I'll update it as things change... so let's help each other?... friends come to my window... hope to hear from you soon J

1. local friends
2. exercise partner
3. local music lovers
4. activity partner
5. music
6. musical genius
7. editor
8. poets, musicians, editors

9.  kids stuff
10. email groups
11. places 2 go, things 2 do
12. theme park partner
13. archivist
14. computer
15. road trip
16. hugs

17. moving - storage
18. doctor
19. job
20. mechanic
21. sign guestbook
22. local links plus
23. SCSI Zip Drive
24. intimacy
25. gifts 'n stuff


I love to share and care, especially with someone who shares similar understanding and perspectives and interests... I am open, honest, happy, and self-contained, needing very little yet wanting to share everything and that can not be done without friends... so here I am... I hope to find some local friends who also wish to share things I enjoy sharing... I take life seriously, I take fun seriously... I'd like to take you seriously J

some things I enjoy sharing: caring (feeling loving and being loved), music, films and visual arts, water, games (pool, cards, trivia, darts, foosball, you name it), sports (love exercise), theme parks, beaches, computers and gadgets, exploring nature and new things, foods, helping others...
maybe even someone who might understand what I mean
when I write honest love (there's always hope) J

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Musical Recordings

why didn't I think of this before?... I want you for your music collection J

seriously, anybody who understands a profound love for music might be able to imagine being without music... if it never happened to you that you lost everything and were left starting over listening just to a cheap radio, count your blessings and wisdoms... whether you pity me or respect me for how I'm starting life over again, I hope you'll share some of your music... I'll buy the blank CDs or tapes (and pay postage if you're not local) J

ideally I hope to find a kind and understanding local music lover... I have more than 20,000 recordings in storage up north and I'll happily share my collection once I get it back down here with me... hope you call me J

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Exercise Partner

I used to run marathons... I used to run daily... I used to take this body very seriously... I want to take exercise seriously again and I'd like to find some people in better physical condition than I am in who'd inspire me to continue working out and resisting laziness... it's too easy to find sedentary people who'd rather ignore their bodies... that's not healthy in any way and I'd like to live more healthy, not less healthy, as the years pass...

so if you understand what I mean and want to share motivation and support as we resist gravity and aging, please respond... seriously, call me...

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Activity Partners

even if we aren't like perfectly suited as the best of friends, we might still share a strong interest in some activities that are more fun when shared... so if you're into any of the following activities I hope you will call...

music, movies, arts, creativity - live or recorded or at home
(I'm up for exploring and sharing just about anything)

running, swimming (beach, pool), touch sports, tennis, dancing, workouts
(friendly personal trainer?... motivation and inspiration is very welcome)

playing pool, darts, cards, board and trivia games, deep thoughts, life
(casual and relaxing fun is more fun shared... so how about some?)

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music is the fluid carrying my spirits through my souls and words are the cells forming the bodies of my dreams... I think in rhymes and feel in melodies and seek others who want to share life's harmonies...

singing is as close to an externally expressed religion as I've known... I can survive without song, I would be happier if I could find musical people and environments... if music matters to you, I hope you reach out and share... it's the best way to know me and understand me (if that is possible) J

this is the most serious of sharings I seek and offer today... if you want to know more, explore and call and ask... wanna share some songs with me?

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Musical Genius

I think of Lennon-McCartney, Rodgers-Hammerstein, John-Taupin, Rodgers-Hart, Webber-Rice, and some other songwriting teams and I long for such collaboration... but who has the range I feel?... when I write, sometimes I am hearing standards like these teams wrote, or Barry manilow or Hamlisch or Sondheim... sometimes I'm hearing Metallica or Zappa or The Electric Prunes... sometimes country, sometimes rap, sometimes everything.. even Harry Chapin just began to find the range... know what I mean?...

I want to share the creative process of songwriting (that was always the dream, to find the right partner), so I'm looking for a musical genius (who doesn't even know it) who understands music is an infinite language that, when combined with words, transcends all experience known or imagined... I want to inspire you with my words to create the most beautiful, most powerfully profound, most ugly (when necessary) songs the world has ever known... anybody seriously up to the challenge of working with me? J

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and the story goes... I'd rather be creating than editing (as if editing was not creating)... more likely, I'd rather be expressing myself than re-reading and I sure am not a fan of following grammatic structure, correcting typos and spelling and all that good stuff that editors do (if you've noticd, you're on the right track reading this)... that's why I appreciate someone who does want to (and is very good at it)... and now more than ever I hope to find an editor who can keep up with me and convince me that they can modify my babblings and rhymes into a more beautiful (or at least commercially viable) form... it's not that I want to sell, I want to reach a bigger audience... I want to touch more people with my words... wanna help? (most seriously)...

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Poets and Musicians and Editors

if you take a look around my site you'll see I write a lot (and drop some profound understatements as I tease myself from time to time)... I would love to share more personal creativity with poets, musicians, actors, artists, and anyone who feeds and releases their creative muses...

if you're a musician and feel music in my words,
call me and let's see if we can create some songs together

if you're an editor and find any commercial worth in my words
(or just want to clean them up some)... I hope you call soon J

if you're a poet or writer and wish the share inspirations
call or write or join one of the email groups I'm trying to pull together

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Kids Stuff

there's a child in all of us... in some of us, there is a parent... for me, both... my life and career has revolved around teaching and taking care of kids (from managing in institutional and group home {kids, teens, and adults} settings to private nanny care {I'm not Mary Poppins or Mrs. Doubtfire, but I do love kids} to adopting) and I want more kids stuff in my life...

if you write childrens stories or songs (or love to read or sing them), I'd love to share with you... if you are looking for some one to add to your family either professionally or personally, I'm available (though if you're looking for a partner to create children, we'll have to have a long talk) J
ok serious - call me if you want a friend who loves kids and lives kids stuff and let's enrich each others lives and maybe create something beautiful J

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Email Groups

email groups may be the easiest was to meet people online... annd I've found places to live and friends online the last few years, which is why I created and support email groups... it's a great way to connect J

there are millions of groups online for just about any interest or subject you can imagine and I am part of some... and I'm excited right now cuz I just created lots of new local Orlando email groups and I hope to find friends around here... so pass the word around and join the group you like and if you want more info or have specific interests, just ask (just write or call anytime) and I'll help you find or create a group for you J

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Places To Go and Things To Do

what do you do for fun in and around Orlando (or the beach areas on either coast)?... I love day time fun and night time fun... indoors and outdoors... active and relaxing... goofy and intellectual... I love playing in the parks or at the beach as much as an all night rave or a day exploring the downtown library... cool places to hear music or play pool especially... so tell me about your part town and what's fun or rewarding to do there? J

if you're timid, send an anonymous email... if not, feel free to call... I'm trying to find friends and develop a healthy social life so any ideas will be checked out (unique stuff too, underground or above)... I love to learn, to be serious, to be silly... I prefer loose, casual, comfortable places for relaxing, but don't mind dressing up... point me to serious fun J

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Theme Park Partners

I finally splurged on annual passes for Disney and Universal and Sea World, so who's gonna come out to play in the parks with me? J

if you enjoy watching the people and characters and parades and fireworks and exploring everything from the hotels to the back paths to, well, I did say everything right?... and learning all sorts of stuff, especially from experiencing and trying to communicate with the animals... and riding the rides (don't forget the rides) and... anything sound good to you?... tell me what I left out and what you like to do best and let's do it J

  come on, if there is a child in you who wants to play...
you've found a playmate J

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I think that's what I want... or what it's called, I mean, I know what I want... a database that catalogs everything I've written and will write... I guess I need to study up on relational databases (Paradox 3.5 was the last time I used one)... this want has some ambivalence attached...

parts of me wonder about the worth of editing and archiving... if the words have worth, then the worth is in the creating, the writing and sharing... so to stop writing and spend time organizing the words seems pretentious and a waste of time for the purist in me... and yet, maybe it's an ego-trip desire for immortality that thinks about presentation and packaging... perhaps I'll ponder some more... I just know I do (and always have loved) love to make lists and I want (and always have wanted) an index, so I'd love to find an archivist who things I'm worth archiving (we can explore why together) J

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right now I have a laptop and need a CD-RW and a Zip Drive that is compatible (SCSI card or parallel) and I'd like an external hard drive as well... ultimately I will buy a new cutting edge computer after I find a place to live... so I'm looking for good deals on top of the line systems (probably Anthlon 800+mhz, 256+ RAM, 2 hard drives 30GB+ each), and peripherals (high speed CD-RW, DVD, and more)... where do you get your stuff?... and knowledge? (I also want to learn more about hardware and software)...

and I'm a director with the largest computer club in Central Florida so if you have any software or hardware you don't need, pass it along to someone who does... there's a free mailing list for computer events so if you know of any let me know... I hope to find others to share info, activities and fun J

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Road Trip

some time before winter settles back in up north, I'd like to make a trip up to the Niagara Falls area and I'd love some company on the drive... if you have the time, we could detour wherever you feel like... I need to make one definite stop to pick up some stuff I have in storage just north of Niagara Falls itself (beautiful area)... we could just drive straight up and back in a few days or we could make an adventure of it if you have more time...

anybody up for a road trip? J

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Hugs... and Hug Therapy

speaking of jobs, one of the things I'd like to do is a hug therapy...
but since I give hugs away or free I probably will still need another job J

seriously, hugs are just like food, without enough hugs in our life you'll have
a serious deficiency (as real as any vitamin deficiency) that will effect all
aspects of your life in this world... it's a physical world, you live in touchy
bodies... feeling comfortable and accepted physically is as much a part of
good health on every level as a balanced diet and exercise...

so if you want a hug, call and come on over.. or we can meet in a public
place if that's more comfortable... everybody hugs at airports... so if you
want a hug, you have no excuse not to have one now... and if you don't give
and receive at least a few hugs daily, you're in trouble... seriously...

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Moving and Storage

I have a 50x20 storage facility up north full of books (10,000+), musical and video recordings (10,000+), shelving, electronic equiptment, appliances and kitchen supplies, toys and games, and more... a 28 foot rental truck will probably not be enough room for all of it, so I welcome anyone with a rig and trailer to contact me about getting it down here... approximately 1300 miles and 15,000 pounds (it took me 3 full days to load)...

and I'll need a place to store it in the Orlando area... so any info or help you'd like to offer in getting the stuff moved and stored would be much appreciated... getting this stuff down here is very very important to me and I hope to find a friend or friends to help J

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Better Job

I'm working now, so this want has slide way down on the priority list as you see... a better job, however, is still on this want list so the resume is still online and I'm taking calls J I took a job with a residential services place that is allowing me at least 60 hours a week (that's where I've been). The job provides enough to pay bills and re-establish savings so I can have more options as I continue seeking the right place to live and roommate.

My experience is in various management positions, including 2 years in a
military emergency room, 12 years in residential care facilities and clinical
treatment team leading, and 10 years freelancing. I'm open to anything and
I seek a responsible position that is both challenging and rewarding.
Call me and let's discuss what I can bring to your organization. J

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well, I finally found a general MD and dentist and a few medical contacts, but your recommendations would still be appreciated... I have no pressing need for any medical care at the moment, but I'd rather identify the right sources in the area before I need them... also recommendations about specialists and hospitals and health care plans would be very much appreciated... thanks for caring about my health J

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I have an old car - 87 Ford... and as anyone who lives here knows, a car is pretty essential in Florida... the car has been very reliable and doesn't need more than basic service at the moment... I can do some things but I'd like to find some good mechanics for the things I don't want to do...

honesty, great work, reliability, fair pricing are essentials and the best way to know is through recommendations from knowledgeable friends...

also - cars don't last forever so I'd really appreciate sources of safe, reliable, good priced used cars... thanks J

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Let me know you were here?


as silly and secure and irreverent and carefree as I can appear to be and actually be, I still spend a lot of time and energy putting words out here on the web because I hope to share, I hope you care and appreciate the words... now you can let me know if I'm reaching anybody J

the guestbook is is gone, replaced by a guest group you can email to... just write whatever you'd like to say (or see) to me or the world about this site or whatever... the slambook is a fun questionnaire way to either share yourself or your sense of humor... so I'm hoping to see you in both J


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Local Links and More


get it?... SEND LINKS... especially LOCAL ORLANDO LINKS and Central Florida links... yes, I've started a new web project and you can help... it's a page of links to websites and homepages in the Orlando and Central Florida area... it's gonna be the biggest thing to hit the web since cream cheese... or popcorn... or, well, it's gonna be something... and it's better than basket weaving... it'll be a good thing... bring Orlando together, or at least to the web... it's another I'm trying to link up with people (get it... link up... ummmm, ok, it's late and I haven't slept)... anyway, SEND LINKS! J

also, send links from anywhere to add to the main links pages J

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SCSI Zip Drive

this dropped down on the list cuz I settled for a parallel Zip drive... it's much slower and ties up a port I can use for something else, so I'd still like to find a SCSI Zip... it's just not as imperative... if you know what it is, you know what I want... parallel and USB drives are everywhere, but I haven't been able to find a SCSI Zip Drive... so I'm compromising with this slow poke... if you can find a SCSI Zip drive that works (or if you know of anybody who might be able to repair one), please let me know...

I just realized in looking at this want list that I don't want material things as much as I want sharing doing with others... alas, Madonna, guess I'm not a material boy... still, I can make good use of some things too... hopefully you'll explore more of me and if you like what you see, you'll call J

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Intimacy... Love?... Romance?... Sex?

it's no coincidence that this is last on my want list right now... I'm not looking for a relationship these days for a lot of reasons (feel free to ask for details in person if you have time for answers... please note I said in person), but I am alive and it is a subject that comes up (no pun intended as I'm not just speaking sexually and trying to be serious for a change) J

one of these days I'll put together representative examples of images and characteristics and stuff my heart and mind and body find most attractive for anyone interested... until then, just accept that I'm looking for friends and not any sort of romantic relationship (that's one reason I've not rushed out to take pictures for these webpages... I hope you understand)...

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well, I finally have a gift list online... not one of those commercial ones yet, just my own list of stuff I want in case you want to buy or give me something... for me, there's not too many greater feelings than giving finding something someone wants and giving it to them... I don't place much power in or value on material stuff... when a thing means something to me, it's usually cuz somebody who means something to me gave it to me... but when some thing moves me, the giver becomes a treasure too...

mostly, it's music that's missing from material stuff that matters to me... this gift list will list material stuff I want (some I'd give much for, some are just momentary playthings, but if it's listed, I want it)... you want to be appreciated, here's your chance J

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