compatible roommates are easy to find...
if we know what we're looking for

have a great roommate now and many of the links here do not work, but...
if you are curious and i look again, here's what I'm looking for:

an honest, comfortable, secure, friendly, real person
we don't have to be best of friends, but a naturally considerate,
caring, and respectful personality is essential to last out a lease
(in other words as friends or roommies, control freaks and nocpdjavcf-types need not apply)
in all seriousness, read the links below to learn more about me J
keep the place clean (don't want to live with bugs) and remember we share the shared space
and pay the bills on time (with on-time asap warnings if your finances might be hurting)
ultimately, I think honest communication is the key to good roommates... how about you?

and what I do not want:

I don't want a parent or spousal relationship demanding I call if I spontaneously
decide to do something fun or exciting like staying out overnight... and though
letting each other know about planned time away from the place is cool
and considerate, forgetting to do this is not the end of the world.
and... I do not want a child asking me to take care of your responsibilities.

if you haven't been there already, here is more about the place I seek
(though I'm relatively flexible on almost everything)

wanna know more?... some things I want to find
some things I like to do... add yourself to my address book
give me a call... or send me an email
connect with others in Orlando, FL in a local email groups

(secret: I am not quite as looney a toon as the web world might suggest, but I can be fun)
thank you for visiting, hope you call... honest love, ric

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