Subject Like a Wind Out of the Blue (just for you)
DateCreated 7/13/2007 10:05:00 PM
PostedDate 7/13/2007 10:00:00 PM

don't stop
dreaming your dreams
don't stop
no matter how far off they seem

don't fake the smile
don't hide the tears
don't regret a single mile
there are never wasted years

don't stop
giving your heart away
don't stop
no matter what people say

hear the refrain
stand up to pain
don't give in fear
your dream will appear

when you realize it is yours to make
through what you give and what you take
the best moment is now
as you remember how
to share your love
isn't that still what the heart dreams of?

hold on
if you're feeling sad
hold on
good does follow the bad

for life is made of changes
and the best that you can do
is hang on to your dreams and
to your own heart, be true
and when there's disappointment
let friends come to remind you
enjoy where you are
enjoy who you are
you're beautiful
let your light shine through
everything you do
you always knew
like a wind out of the blue
(just for you)

don't stop
believing in your dreams
don't stop
even when it may seem

that they wait for
tomorrow's shore
you know the score
whatever the future has in store
you can love today
even more
you can love today
even more
you can love today...
even more

... and there's some lemonade (in case you found a lemon today)... maybe you will find some inspiration in the fact that you inspired this one... cuz there's always hope (I hope :)