Subject Hark! No Angels Singing Here
DateCreated 12/24/2006 2:17:00 AM
PostedDate 12/24/2006 2:14:00 AM

Hark! no angels singing here
warning bells are ringing
this just might be your worst fear
hell has come up singing

yeah yeah yeah yeah... heads up - some of you might remember when I came home from the Say Anything concert and wrote this entry, borrowing the lyrics on one of my favorite Say Anything songs... and if you've read through the archives here, you know that irreverent babble and sentimental love songs are not all you'll find here... sometimes there's a challenge thrown in your face (and mine, because I face it first... in other words, I don't pretend I am above you or know more and I know I live in fantasies most of the time (I've got that luxury), but now and then I want to bring my fantasies back down to Earth and remember that I am part of the reality I laugh at (or ignore) more often than not)... so tonight I ask... are we our brother's keeper?... or are we all on our own?... do your look your nose down on angry less fortunate kids?... or do you hear them?... do you care?...

and for you, in your life, is caring a VERB or just a WORD?

well this is a bit of a Xmas carol in what you might call a ghetto gangsta rap style... you can like it or hate it or ignore it, you've got your free will (right?)... but word up, just like cancer, AIDS, and the next war or plague, it's not going away unless we change our ways... you ready to change yours?... or you ready to run away (you know that if you bury your head in the sand, you leave your butt exposed?)... maybe you don't let it bring you down though, it's only castles burning... or maybe you care enough to help put the fire out... it's the season of hope, after all... and with that intro I give you a new Xmas carol...

Hark! no angels singing here
warning bells are ringing
this just might be your worst fear
hell has come up singing
shouting out a heads up to the faint at heart
you might want to turn this off before we start
this is not your everyday Xmas carol
it's more like a shot from a double barrel
but if you're caring is not just all a pretense
then you might understand how this all makes sense
and it's not here to bring you or put you down
we're here to show you Xmas from our side of town
cuz Xmas should not be reserved for just the elite
so let me tell you something about life on the street
and maybe you will see, at first it feels strange
but maybe you will see how we need to change
O come, all ye faithful,
Joyful and triumphant,
O come ye, O come ye,
Oh Oh Oh!
we were the children our mothers forgot
left out on the street to be played or shot
and Xmas for us was just looking at lights
because our kind did not have the same human rights
O come ye, O come ye
players came laughing to our part of town
and if you didn't listen they made you their clown
get uppity with the man and you were dead
you were lucky each day if you just got fed
O come ye, O come ye
dealers like parasites infest our streets
guns and knives come to all of our meet and greets
and girls were turned out before they bled
trick or treat mother--what? was it something I said?
Noel... Noel... Noel... Noel...
No No NO!
time and everything else passes over us
the truth must feel like getting hit by a bus
in your comfortable cushions and well fed homes
you wonder why we piss on your garden gnomes
street life is hungry and wicked and wild
you don't want the memories of a street child
I hate to dump rain on your fancy parade
but you forgot us in the plans that you made
Christmas is Xmas cuz X marks the spot
where we beg for scrapings from all that you've got
our stockings are holey and our feet are cold
don't you think that it's time for the truth to be told?
O little town of Bethlehem,
How still we see thee lie
lie lie lie
and you pretend to care on one day of the year
on the next day your caring heart must disappear
because nothing is changing, the shit's still the same
it's life in the ghetto and hell is it's name
and you can pretend it's all better again
you sing carols and god bless ye merry old men
but nothing is gentle about life and death
two more babies died while you took a breath
Come... they told me
Pa rum pum pum pum
yeah rum pum pum pum and to all a good night
if you can sleep in peace then you don't see the light
as long as kids are dying and you do nothing
there is no meaning in any song you can sing
so this is our carol for Xmas this year
if the truth is something you do not want to hear
all you've got is bullshit inside your big head
what? were you offended by something I said?

Hark! no angels singing here
warning bells are ringing
this is life, not some nightmare
hell has come up singing
(we're in hell and singing)

yeah, so you can nod your head or look away
you can call me freak or have nothing to say
you can delete me and forget it all
or maybe you can care and heed the call