Subject when my baby sings
DateCreated 11/7/2006 9:18:00 PM
PostedDate 11/7/2006 8:56:00 PM

and when I am alone I am not completely alone because I know somewhere in this world my love is shared by someone who understands that we are all sharing the love and if it's just a dream than let us never wake up for this world would not be any better any other way and someday we will all come together and share the love (and not just say I love you... but show it and live it and be it in every way)...

and you may say I'm a dreamer...

I want to tell you about my baby
it will not take very long
in fact there's just one way to say it
and that is in a song

cuz when my baby sings
she sets the world to spinning
for she makes the sounds
that we all call love

and when my baby shines
she sets the world staring
for she knows the glow
every heart dreams of in the song she sings
she unites the hearts of the masses everywhere
from paupers to kings

I want to tell you about my baby
I know she is real cuz I feel her in my soul
and my heart beats just to be with my baby
for me she is this life's ultimate goal

and you can call me a hopeless romantic
for hopelessly hopeful I shall be
time and space will all become semantic
when my baby is here with me

and when my baby cries
she sets the word to silence
for there are no words to
console such heartache

and when my baby laughs
she sets the world to party
for there is nothing else
to do in the wake
of the joy of love that my baby brings
the angels and the devils join hands and harmonize
when my baby sings
when my baby sings
when my baby sings

this is for everybody who knows what it's like to share a song of love, a dream of peace and happiness, and the passion and energy that makes music love and makes love music... making love in a song is not wrong unless fear guides perspective... may you not be lead by fear and remember the child inside who knew how to give the love inside before the world taught you it's rules (don't you know they are fools?... but even the fools need love so love without judgment and above all else may you not let their fear or pain diminish the love you know in yourself may no one ever take away {may you never give away} the power of love that you have in yourself)...

this one is for my baby, wherever you are, and we love you all...