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Happy Birthday John

music is the fluid carrying my spirit through my soul and words are the cells forming the bodies of my dreams... I think in rhyme and feel in melody and seek to share a world of harmony... yeah, music is as close to a religion as I've got and it fits me well...

it is challenging to produce a list of favorite artists or songs because all genres and many artists appeal to me depending on my mood... and the artists I can see at any given time is dependant on who comes to town (or within a few hours drive) during the year...

for music lovers (or anyone who might like to meet at a concert, if you can find me, or wanna tell me you are going), at the moment these are the concerts I've got tickets for or music events I intend to attend (and I included some of the ones I already enjoyed... if I left any out you can check Tasha's calendar on her myspace)... and remember to check out or help out with the The Social Orlando if you live in Florida...

and enjoy your life (in case it's the only one you get)

Warp Tour started the summer...

August ?...
Houston Calls, QuietDrive, Dave Melillo, Boy Meets Heart...

August ?...
Spill Canvas, Mae, Inkwell

August 20th
Dave Melillo, A Change of Pace, and Roses Are Red

September 9th
Amber Pacific, This Day and Age, Just Surrender, October Fall, and All Time Low

September 24th
Paramore, Hit the Lights, Cute is What We Aim For, and This Providence

October 12th (Hard Rock Cafe)
Hawthorne Heights, Plain White Ts, Reliant K, Emery, and The Sleeping

October 14th (BackBooth)
Broken Image (and others tba)

October 17th (The Social)
Alexisonfire, Moneen, A Change of Pace, Cancer Backs

October 20th (The Club at Firestone)
Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Johnathan Rice, The Blow

October 21st (House of Blues)
Say Anything, Mewithoutyou, Piebald

October 23rd (House of Blues)
Thursday, Rise Against, Circa Survive, and Billy Talent

October 28th (Winter Park)
American Cancer Society's 2006 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event

October 30th (Park Ave Records)
Copeland (CD release party)

November 2nd (VCC)
A Chorus Line

November 3rd (House of Blues)
New Found Glory, The Early November, Cartel, and Hit the Lights

November 4th (Deland, FL) 11am - whenever
6th Annual Deland Original Music Festival

November 4th (Hard Rock Cafe) 6pm - 10pm-ish
30 Seconds to Mars, HeadAutomatica, Receiving Ends of Sirens, Cobra Starship

November 8th (UCF Arena)
Panic! at the Disco, Bloc Party, Jack's Mannequin

November 9th (UHS cast 1)
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

November 10th (House of Blues)
HelloGoodbye, Reggie and the Full Effect, Cute is What We Aim For, Dave Melillo

November 12th (UHS Cast 2)
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

November 19th (UCF Arena)
Death Cab For Cutie, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

November 22nd (The Club at Firestone)
Cursive, Jeremy Enigk, The Cops

December 1st (Tinker Field)
AFI, Taking Back Sunday, Angels & Airwaves, Buckcherry, Bullet for My Valentine, Sugarcult, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

December 1st (Tinker Field)
AFI, Taking Back Sunday, Angels & Airwaves, Buckcherry, Bullet for My Valentine, Sugarcult, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

December 1st (UHS)
One Act Play
(Precious is Technical Director)

December 8th (Central Station)
Marissa Melillo

Jan 16th (Daytona, Peabody)
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

Jan 20th (Hard Rock)
Fall Out Boy

March 2nd (UHS)
Outstandings Thesbians

March 10th
Rockstar: Taste of Chaos Tour
30 Seconds to Mars, The Used, Senses Fail, Saosin, Evaline, Chiodos, Aiden

March 10th
Lindsey Buckingham, Gin Blossoms

March 11th

March 20
Snow Patrol

March 28 (Jannus Landing)
Meg & Dia, Amberlin, Bayside, Jonzetta,

March 30 (Ft. Myers)
Nest Fest

April 8 (The Social)
Plain White T's

April 13 (UHS)

April 14 (UHS)

April 14 (Austin's)
Amy Steinberg

April 15 (UHS)

April 25 (UHS)

April 26
Sea World

May 6

May 11 (House of Blues)
Say Anything, Saves the Day, Brand New, Meg & Dia, Manchester Orchestra

May 13 (Jannus Landing)
Say Anything, Saves the Day, Brand New, Meg & Dia, Manchester Orchestra

May 17
Bright Eyes

May 18 (UCF)
Precious's Graduation

May 17th - May 28th
(Loch Haven Park)
Orlando Fringe Festival

May 19th (City Hall)
Beneath the Trees, The Romantics, Loverboy

May 26th (Zellwood)
Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival

June 3
Sea World

July 6 (Dr.PH)
All Shook Up

July 11th
Harry Potter Movie

July 14th (Orlando REP)
All Shook Up

July 15th (Parliament House)
Amy Steinberg

July 20th (Vinoy Park)
Warped Tour?

July 20th (Barnes & Noble)
Harry Potter Book

July 22th (Tinker Field)
Warped Tour
Meg and Dia, Spill Canvas, Paramore, Circa Survive, Valencia, My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, Bayside, New Found Glory, Coheed and Cambria, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Cute is What We Aim For, Boys Like Girls, Bad Religion, The Unseen, Amber Pacific, Anberlin, A I Lay Dying, Alkaline Trio, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Evaline, Fishbone, Flogging Molly, The Fold, Funeral for a Friend, Hawthorn Heights, Kadisfly, Mayday Parade, The Matches, Pennywise, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Sum 41, Supernova, The Toasters, Underoath, The Vandels, Yellowcard, The Used, (many others)

July 25th (The Social)
Letter Perfect, Of Truth & Stories, Thoreau, Until Stars Fall

Aug 5th

Aug 15th (The Social)
Receiving End of Sirens

Aug 17th (Jannus Landing)
Against Me!

Aug 19th

Sept 9 (Parliament)
Amy Steinberg

Sept 18 (Hard Rock)

Sept 24th (The Social)
Do Make Say Think

Oct 2 (House of Blues)
Rilo Kiley, Grand Ole Party, Art in Manila

Oct 5 (House of Blues)
Dashboard Confessional, Augustana, John Ralston

Oct 16 (House of Blues)
The Academy Is, Armor for Sleep, Sherwood, Rocket Summer

Oct 17 (Plaza Theatre)
Doug Spears & Friends

Oct 18th (King Center, Melbourne)
Tori Amos

Oct 26th (House of Blues)
Soul Asylum

Oct 31 (House of Blues)
Motion City Soundtrack, Mae, Anberlin, Metro Station

Nov 1st (The Social)

Nov 3rd (Deland)
Deland MusicFest

Nov 6th (Hard Rock)
Say Anything, Hello Goodbye

Nov 10th (House of Blues)
Blue October, Yellowcard

Nov 10th (UCF)
Elton John

Nov 15th (State Theatre)
Spill Canvas, Meg & Dia, Play Radio Play, Treaty of Paris

Nov 16th (Firestone)
Spill Canvas, Meg & Dia, Play Radio Play, Treaty of Paris

Nov 17th (UHS)

Nov 18th (UHS)

Nov 21st (UF)
Wine Down Meetup

Nov 23rd (Hard Rock)
ALBUM: Abbey Road

Nov 24th (House of Blues)
Brand New, Thrice, mewithoutyou

Nov 25th (Cass. Library)
LOA Meetup

Nov 27th (Enzian)
Film Shorts Meetup

Nov 29th (Enzian)
I'm Not There

Nov 30th (HOB)
Collective Soul

Nov 30th (UCF Pvt)
Game Night

Dec 1st (Sanford Pvt)
House Party Meetup

Dec 1st (Sanford Pvt)
   House Party Meetup

Dec 1st (HOB)
Jimmy Eat World

Dec 4th (O'Boys)
   Earth Trivia

Dec 5th (Urban Flats)

Dec 6th (Orlando Museum of Art)
   Meetup at OMOA

Dec 6th (...)
   softball practice

Dec 7th (Hard Rock)
Tribute to John Lennon

Dec 8th (West Pvt)
   House Party Meetup

Dec 8th (Southchase Pvt)
   Game Night Meetup

Dec 9th (Enzian)
   Brouhaha Film Festival

Dec 12th (Urban Flats)

Dec 13th (...)
   softball practice

Dec 14th (Celebration)
   Snowing in Celebration

Dec 15th (Weikiva - Pvt)
   Holiday Party Meetup

Dec 16th (Arnold Palmer Hospital)
   Xmas Carols for the kids

Dec 18th (Enzian)
   This Is Spinal Tap

Dec 19th (Crane's Roost)
   Running Meetup

Dec 20th (...)
   Softball practice

Dec 22nd (The Social)
   Less Than Jake

Dec 26th (Hard Rock)
   Edwin McCain

Dec 27th (...)
   Softball practice

Dec 28th (Jackson's)
   UCF Bowl Game Party

Dec 29th (Sea World)
   Polar Express to Sea World

Dec 29th (WMMO Downtown)
   Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Jan 2nd (Enzian)
   Bladerunner - The Final Cut
Jan 3th (...)
   softball practice
Jan 5th (...)
   softball practice
Jan 5th (Jackson's)
   NFL Game Party
Jan 7th
   NCAA Football Championship
Jan 8th (O'Boys)
   Earth Trivia
Jan 10th (...)
   softball games (2)
Jan 12th (Private Home)
   Movie Night
Jan 17th (...)
   softball game
Jan 18th (HOB)
   Toad the Wet Sprocket
Jan 23th (Enzian)
   The Savages
Jan 24th (...)
   softball game
Jan 25th (Mellow Mushroom)
   Dinner meetup
Jan 26th (Festival Bay)
   27 Dresses
Jan 28th (The Social)
   Manchester Orchestera
Jan 29th (Riverside, Vero)
   Richie Havens
Jan 29th (Enzian)
Jan 31st (...)
   softball game

Feb 1st (Wine Warehouse)
   Wine Tasting & Movie
Feb 2nd (Lake Brantley)
   5K Run (Local Charity)
Feb 2nd (Tolla's)
   Dinner Meetup
Feb 3rd (Jackson's)
   Superbowl Party
Feb 4th (Season's 52)
   Dinner MeetUp
Feb 5th (O'Boys)
   Earth Trivia
Feb 6th (Hard Rock)
   Angels & Airwaves, Meg & Dia,
Feb 7th (...)
   softball game
Feb 8th (Wine Warehouse)
   Wine Tasting & Movie
Feb 9th (...)
Feb 10th (Enzian)
   UCF Film Slam
Feb 10th (Fair..Park)
Feb 14th (...)
   softball game
Feb 15th (Enzian)
Feb 16th (Deland)
   5K Run (Local Charity)
Feb 16th (Private)
   Game Night
Feb 17th (St. Cloud)
   Picnic/Flag Football
Feb 17th (Lake Mary)
   softball practice game
Feb 19th (Downtown)
Feb 20th (Downtown)
Feb 20th (Altamonte)
Feb 20th (Backbooth)
Feb 21st (Downtown)
Feb 21st (...)
   softball game
Feb 22nd (Crazy Buffet)
   family birthday dinner
Feb 23rd (Grand Bohemian)
   New Meetup
Feb 24th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
Feb 26th (Enzian)
   The Big Lebowski
Feb 28th (...)
   softball game
Feb 29th (Crazy Buffet)
Feb 29th (Enzian)
   The Wall (Pink Floyd)

March 1st (Friday's)
March 2nd (Fairview Park)
   softball game
March 2nd (Golden Corral)
March 4th (O'Boys)
   Earth Trivia
March 6th (...)
   batting cages

March 8th (Disneyworld)
   5K Run (Kidney Assoc.)
March 9th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
March 9th (The Social)
March 10th (Marks Street Center)
   The Bank Dick
March 11th = 13th (Work)
March 13th (...)
   softball practice
March 14th (Orlando History Center)
   Retro Game Night
March 15th (private)
   Game Night
March 16th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
March 16th (Disneyworld)
   Play Time

March 18-20th (Nashville)
Corporate Office
March 20th (King Center, Melbourne)
   Jackson Browne
March 20th (...)
   softball practice
March 21th (Winter Park)
   Wine and Movie
March 22th (Fairview Park)
   softball practice
March 22nd (HOB)
   Spill Canvas, Yellowcard, Secondhand Serenade, PlayRadioPlay!, Treaty of Paris

March 27th (Fairview Park)
   softball game

March 29th (Winter Park)
   2 mile & 10K
March 30th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
March 31st (Winter Park)
   move (Midnnight Kiss)

April 1st (Hard Rock)
   Moody Blues
April 1st (HOB)
   The Mars Volta (decisions)
April 2nd (Seoul Gardens)
   dinner new meetup
April 3rd (Fairview Park)
   softball game
April 4th (Panera Bread)
   new meetup
April 4th (Winter Park)
   movie (Found Me)
April 5th (HOB)
   Say Anything, Manchester Orchestra, Eli "Paperboy" Reed and The True Loves and Weatherbox
April 6th (Geneva)
April 6th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
April 6th (Jannus Landing) maybe not
   Say Anything, Manchester Orchestra, Eli "Paperboy" Reed and The True Loves and Weatherbox
April 6th - 9th (z0tl's head)
   majickal mysteria tourista
April 8th (O'Boys)
   Earth Trivia
April 9th (Youkey Theatre, Lakeland)
April 10th (Fairview Park)
   softball game

April 12th (Groveland)
April 12th (private)
   Game Night
April 13th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
April 14th (Church)
   Victor Stenger
April 15th (O'Boys)
   Trivia Again?

April 17th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
April 17th (HOB)
   Saves the Day
April 18th (HOB)
   Rockstar Tour

April 19th (Farris & Fosters)
   Chocolate Party
April 19th (UHS)
   Miss Saigon
April 20th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
April 20th (Carving Station)
   Dinner &Karaoke

April 22th (Rollins)
   K.A.T.N. Movie

April 24th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
April 25th (HOB)
   Panic at the Disco
April 26th (Casselberry)
   German Festival
April 26th (private)
   train games
April 27th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
April 27th (Carving Station)
   Dinner & Karaoke
April 28th (Winter Park)
   Leatherheads (movie)
April 29th (Bergamo's)
   Italian Dinner
April 30th (Mykonos)
   Greek Dinner

May 1st (Fairview Park)
   softball game
May 2nd (Metro West)
   All Night Walk-a-thon
May 3rd (Lake Ivanhoe)
May 3rd (private)
   game night
May 4th (Fairview Park)
   softball game

May 7th (O'Boys)
May 8th (Fairview Park)
   softball game
May 9th (Catch a Rising Star)
   Karaoke Party

May 10th (Waterford)
   Firkin' Kegler!
May 11th (Fairview Park)
   softball game

did i mention Jackson Browne and Melissa Etheridge?... well, you can see even more on my calendar if you really want to stalk me (or live vicariously or something like that)...

see, not every entry is an emotional roller coaster