Subject a birthday song
DateCreated 10/4/2006 8:24:00 PM
PostedDate 10/3/2006 1:42:00 AM

Happy Birthday Dear Dia
happy birthday to you

I stood there in the pouring rain
not knowing I was wet
not knowing I was staring
but I'll never forget
the smile was mesmerizing me
the eyes drew me away
to some dream place so beautiful
I still feel it today

and she sang
and shivers rang up my spine
and she moved
and I felt something divine
and she danced
as if no one was there
and I was falling freely
into my most awesome stare

there may have been clouds in the sky
but the sun was shining within me
there may have been rain pouring down
but I was feeling warm and dry
and where I needed to be

listening to the voice that reached right into me
and took me to some dream place so beautiful
she knew just where I needed to be
the music in her soul set me free

. . .

so now I've come to say
the only way I know how
thank you for the songs
for the music you play
and for the voice that knows how
to take me away
send blessings her way
for it's her birthday

. . .


now there's just one more thing left to do

Happy Birthday, Dear Dia

Happy Birthday to you