Subject but we turned left at Albuquerque like the nice rabbit said
DateCreated 10/2/2006 9:00:00 PM
PostedDate 10/2/2006 8:55:00 PM

there is something happening here
what it is is not very clear

there's a TV playing something 'bout the dead

and kids are playing ring around the rosie in my head


then the commercial said

my dream is to leave the world a better place than I found it

if only every millionaire gave away what they did not really need to survive

and if we all only had the guts of the Dixie Chicks

but the show mentioned Stevie Nicks

and I thought of Meg Ryan


there's something buzzing in my head

what it is keeps me from going to bed

and if I was not alone it would be a trip to share

if someone could see the face in my underwear


then the computer said

Meg and Dia want you to join them splitting a crème parfait

last night I ate dinner while being watched by a painting of a naked Gwyneth Paltrow

Harry Chapin drove John Lennon and Bob Marley to town

and the crowd only sees the clown

swear to god I'm not lyin


someone cares enough to find the chakra that holds all of your pain

do you let them touch you or do you run away

someone cares enough to find the thread between your heart and your brain

do you let them know or do you deny every word that they say

what game do you play?


control freaks convince themselves they have control

religion tells them that they have a soul

hedonists let life blossom as long as it lasts

there is no tomorrow for those who have no past

and whatever you choose it goes by so fast

why live at half mast?


there is something happening here

how do we know who is aware

there's a TV playing something about sex

and we never know just what might happen next

we just have to leave it up to the subtext


then the witch doctor said

Neve Campbell laughed with Mila Kunis and Milla Jovovich

Nicole DeBoer and Sandra Bullock met Janeane Garofalo and Anna Paquin for lunch

or maybe a séance would better suit your mood

are you getting anything here dude?

dreams are free so I'm buyin


long into the night

the doctor laid out the white

smoke rose from the fire

hand held walks on the high wire

you've got the choice every step of the way

everything you do is the game that you play

then I heard the preacher say

will you be a lover or a hater

better figure out something

before it gets any later

heaven has no stairway

but hell has an elevator


maybe it was all a dream

a smoke filled cave, another time

peyote buttons on the sleeve

you think it always has to rhyme?

you can laugh, you can whine

you can draw a bottom line

you can do nothing and call it a crime

but whatever you do

everybody's looking for some sublime


and there is something happening here

maybe you had rufees in your beer

the radio remembered a sweet old tune

the chorus said something about the light of the moon

or maybe something about busting out all over June

Monty Python started as a goon


then the babysitter said

just three simple words that turned a young boy into a young man

please hold me, she said and I thought if only every body gave away their love for free

but there's a price on everything

no matter what the angels sing

so crown the clown or preacher king

be living or be dyin


there is something happening here

someone calls from beyond the fear

there's a TV playing something blue and red

while purple dinosaurs dance wah watusis in my head


then the alien said

words no one understood

so let's just go to bed

there are sweet dreams ahead

so let's all go to bed

let's all go to bed

let's all go to bed

let's all go to bed

let's all go to bed

let's all go to bed