Subject we're all so busy
DateCreated 8/26/2006 11:12:00 AM
PostedDate 8/26/2006 2:45:00 AM

me and my friends, that is, unless of course they all just hate me and don't come visit anymore... naaa, they are busy... of course it could be that they are too sophisticated and mature for myspace... naaaa, they are busy...

as for me, busy busy...

there are 168 hours in each week... I could easily use 210 and have a petition in with the universe to slow the planet down to a 42 hour rotation therein giving us 42 hours in a day (and we'd still work 8-10) and 294 for the week, but the universe hasn't gotten back to me yet)...

anyway, this entry tries to let you into the life I live offline so you might know me better... or even find me wandering around town... I work a lot in a psychiatric hospital (where all my friends lovingly say I belong, or at least they smile when they do, and they are probably right, but I've eluded the authorities somehow)... work consumes at least 60 hours of each week, sometimes more... that leaves about a 100 to have some other fun (yes, I consider my work fun, though I'd rather do it for fewer hours a week because I like a lot of other fun)... and in those other 100 hours, besides sleep (which probably takes up 30, sometimes even 40 hours and once in a while more when I listen to my doctor and try to get eight hours which would be 56 hours a week, way too much to give up to any single activity), I try to go to a lot of concerts... these are the ones planned so far:

September 9th (House of Blues)
Amber Pacific, This Day and Age, Just Surrender, October Fall, and All Time Low

September 24th (The Social)
Paramore, Hit the Lights, Cute is What We Aim For, and This Providence

October 12th (Hard Rock Cafe)
Hawthorne Heights, Plain White Ts, Reliant K, Emery, and The Sleeping

October 14th (BackBooth)
Broken Image (and others tba) 

October 17th (The Social)
Alexisonfire, Moneen, A Change of Pace, Cancer Backs

October 21st (House of Blues)
Say Anything, Mewithoutyou, Piebald

October 23rd (House of Blues)
Thursday, Rise Against, Circa Survive, and Billy Talent

October 30th (Park Ave Records)
Copeland (CD release party)

November 3rd (House of Blues)
New Found Glory, The Early November, Cartel, and Hit the Lights 

November 10th (House of Blues)
HelloGoodbye, Reggie and the Full Effect, Cute is What We Aim For, Dave Melillo

November 22nd (The Club at Firestone)

lots of bands we'd like to see are not listed simply because they do not have plans to be in Orlando or the are just yet... if you know of a good band playing in the Orlando area (which, for us, includes Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, Lakeland, Cocoa Beach, St. Petersburg, Deland, Melbourne, and even Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Jacksonville and lots of other places), let me know...

and there's a bit of TV squeezed into the schedule, primarily Dead Like Me, Eureka, The Dead Zone, Stargate SG1, 24, and House, (we try to catch these shows each week, but music and other stuff comes first if there's a schedule conflict... TV isn't important enough for us to have TiVo or a DVR or even a VCR, though I just bought a cheap VCR last month because Dead Like Me and House might be on the same time once House starts up again... I still have to remember to buy blank tapes... 

the only other times the TV goes on, usually for background noise (when music is not on) and visual stimulation and distraction...  is for a sports show now and then (college football and playoffs, mostly) and we use Fuse (me and Precious, though she also likes Dawson's Creek and Friends reruns), the Sci-Fi channel (mostly me), and those channels M*A*S*H and Friends other reruns come on (mostly Rasputin, who can stare at almost anything on TV and get completely lost in it... I mean, he actually leaves his body for a while)...

and then I write... for me, writing is fun, therapy, recreation, creative release, and more even before it becomes communication so what free time I have for me goes to babbling 
behind the candoor (where anything goes cuz that's what babbling is)... my primary place for entries like this one (where I share all the details of life offline for anyone who cares to know and actually wants to become friends) is in a blog called RealTime because, well, I update it in real time... some times I am that simple... I also write a lot of rhymes and other stuff you can find in my written gardens and if you want to know me better you could come in through the back door...

and until this year Rasputin and I were into fantasy sports, but without intending to (I joined at least 11 leagues this summer), I seem to have given up fantasy sports this summer and use that time for browsing here at myspace (as many of you have noticed by receiving my ADD request kind of out of the blue)... there's an entry a few entries back explaining why you received the add, sort of... there is a method to my madness, you just have to be a little crazy to understand it... or at least keep an open mind...

the past two weeks I've started getting back to the gym (another hour and a half, at least, out of the too few twenty-four hours in each day)... and somewhere in this very loosely scheduled schedule I'd like to squeeze in more social life because I love meeting new people and I have been looking for love in all the wrong places for a while now (so I don't look much anymore, but still remain a hopelessly hopeful romantic)...

and now Precious and I and her best friend are going out to do some shopping and pick up concert tickets for the ones we don't have listed above and blank CDs (I have rain checks for 12 packs of 50 blank CDs from Target, where her best friend works), and VCR tapes and whatever else I get talked into so this entry is over...

hope you are having fun with your time too J