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I've been journaling for a lot of years now and have several years (and several journals) online... if you really wanna read my journal, I'd love to know why?... throughout this life, journals have come and go... this current phase of journaling is now in it's fifth year... in case this is your first time, what you'll find here are scattered thoughts and feelings about experiences and observations sprinkled liberally with unabashed candor, odd humors, incorrigible teasing, and infinite imagination... for all the writing I've done in this life (daily, ever since I could hold a crayon), this web world journal is the most consistent I've been (the wandering mind had always wandered away from previous journals... even today, the wandering continues - see links below)... journaling comes in stages for me... there's the blank page, then some scattered thoughts rambled in no particular order with no concern for punctuation, grammar, or anything else but getting the thoughts out... then there's going back (usually before sharing the words and calling it a journal entry, but the last year or so I've taken to putting the raw babble online before I review and organize thoghts and inject conscious creativity and edit, even... that's what you'll find for recent entries)... then, someday when my editor comes (and a spellchecker), there'll be a review of these first drafts and we shall see if anything comes of that (and we've got high hopes, high as the sky hopes)... without a doubt, your feedback is a primary reason it continues online today... I am alive to share and even when I am alone writing, I usually imagine someone reading (sometimes I imagine the whole universe reading every world... it cares, right?)... so this unedited narrative format of letters and rhymes gives my imagination a way to play as I express me and my mundane life details and whatever else might pop into my head... it's great fun for me (hopefully for you too)... and if it makes the world a little better place in any way, then I've succeeded in life... beyond all the irreverence, I care and want to help you if I can... your feedback lets me know I'm here... I appreciate you more than words could ever say... honest love is my drug of choice and I share caring because that feels better than anything else I've tried... and now I offer some to you...

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(1998 is sorta there, but 1999 was deleted by Disney, Inc.... it'll return eventually, keep checking)
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in this journal {and maybe inside too... shhhh} I am still catching up on the last half of 2002... some of these journal entries are missing, some first drafts, some second drafts... final editing may not happen in this lifetime, or maybe it will {if only the one would come... shhhh}, but at least another review, a spellcheck, and a links check is intended {there are no perfect people, only perfect intentions}... so those entries listed below are in progress... most are incomplete , much will be added to many... some links will definitely not work... but there's sometimes even something there more current than the second drafts and we are slowly getting closer to catching up and actually being in the now... I think...

most often something is there... what is missing is the connective tissue... it'll come when it comes

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