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Are You My Friend? (page 2)

you really see a person you want to know more about through all my babbling? (or are you just bored out of your mind and passing time?)... well, either way I shall be me and hope to entertain and amuse you as I try to introduce and entertain and amuse me... so now, without further introductory babble, on with the show... it is time for the great offline friends search page, part two J

life is an illusion, a stage and a game... as serious as we want it to be... as much fun as well... I love life and music and words and art and food and exercise... I love exploring and experiencing and sharing the physical senses... learning, reading, listening, writing, playing, sharing, caring, loving, being alive and consciously aware and experiencing all the positive I can find or create in this world... or any world... I love kids and animals (usually they are much more "real" and giving and share much better (without the fears and pretenses) than adult-type humans, sad but true... their energy levels and auras (or whatever we call it) are usually much higher as well and that's a connection few humans seem to grasp... who understands?... maybe you?... there's always hope)...

I love Dr. Suess and probably get my love of rhymes from reading his books at my most impressionable ages (combined with my love of music, well, I'm writing rhyming lyrical stuff all the time)... I also love Richard Bach, Stephen King, Douglas Adams, Charles Dickens, Neil Gaiman and this list could go on and on... I love the Harry Potter stories and other stories about friends who bond to overcome challenges... I love stories that aspire to the belief that love conquers all and trust/faith in true love and ideals of truth and loyalty (Princess Bride, Tale of Two Cities, and Hook, just to name a few) is the strongest power anywhere... Sci-Fi is my favorite genre because of it's limitless expanse (as in cartoons, anything is possible)... I love words, reading and writing... a favorite way to spend an evening would be curled up on a couch with someone comfortable enough to curl up with me (cuddling is wonderful) with books to read...

I love trees and flowers and grass too... I love to cook when I have time and a comfortable kitchen... I love parks, natural parks or amusement parks (but not parking lots)... I love outdoor activities - walks or hikes or runs or sports - though groups sports are challenging to play without groups... tennis, anyone?... any softball leagues out there looking for a new player?... touch/flag football?... how about bowling?... golf? (maybe, if you have lots of patience with me)... darts?... ping-pong?... you choose, I'll play... I absolutely positively love to play pool, have been addicted to that table game at times J

I definitely want more exercise (I get to the gym a few times a week for 30-50 minutes of fairly intense aerobics and light weight machine work, trying to motivate myself to get there daily), so if you're into running or gyms or any active activities, I especially want to share with you (someone save my life tonight)... there's a big pool right outside my window (hint hint) J

I also love playing many board games (from trivia to candyland)... card games (spades is a favorite)... and recently I've helped organize a very friendly card and games party at a friend's house (but he moved to take a job in another city... bummer... gonna miss him... hopefully the group will want to keep the game night going and like rotate houses or something... anybody want to join a healthy fun card and games party circle?)... come out to play? J

and I'm willing and eager to learn just about anything I don't know... and I certainly love playing with computers and if you do too, you can learn with others each month (I love electronic gadgets and all sorts of toys, electronic and not)... I absolutely love "kid-stuff" cuz the child inside me is alive and well J

I've been playing fantasy sports (baseball, pro and college football, basketball) for a few years now and start one for locals every year, so if you're local and into fantasy sports, let's talk, let's play, let's have some fun J

yes, it's a wonderful life (love old movies, did I mention that?... new movies too) and I love lots of it (life)... but I'm missing real-time offline, in-same-space sharing with people most of all... and the music of life... there's so much music I've yet to explore - new and old... I've lost so much along the way (if you want to hear the sad stories, just ask, I can cry and love catharsis, but no pity-party lasts long in my world so don't come over just for that)... if you did nothing else but bring music back into this life for me, you would be an angel in my eyes... to sing, to feel the melody, to write the words... to feel the shared experience of bringing a song to life... or a story... sing... act... play...

what's left of material stuff has been in storage for a long while, so I miss these things I enjoy... one of these days I must make a road trip up north to get the stuff (wanna come?... wanna help?... wanna be another angel?)...

more than anything else, I miss sharing with family and friends... so if you want a friend like me (or would be glad to, even), I'm right here waiting...

so... whatcha wanna do? J

if you want to know more, just ask by email or call (my preference) or ask by ICQ using the message panel below (though as I've said, I do not check ICQ at all these days so just save that idea... I do check email more often these days, so I hope to see your words there, but in case you don't get a response please try again because junk mail comes at the rate of thousands per day and some personal mail gets lost in the filters... I do feel glee and respond when I get the mail)... if you've seen a friend in these words, I do hope to hear from you one of these nights... but whatever you do, as you wish (name the movie?), may you find and create more smiles than frowns along your way J

honest love, ric

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or just call me and ask J

now it's about time to say welcome to my life... the show J
and in my new BIOS you'll find a brief intro and even a personals listing

all of which are paths which lead further
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