(where the toon ponders some desires and attractions and sex and stuff)


constantly updated and always duplicated (because practice makes perfect), here we explore Libboland with the visual sense as we use known public people for reference to identify what attracts Libbo's attention when Libbo is allowed access to the eyes (whatever they are the window to, Libbo connects them directly to the sensuality which, for Libbo, is primarily sexual, though there is so much more to sensuality than genitals, but that's another story for another page... here, we explore what specific visual aspects of famous people {so we have a common reference} melts, arouses, and makes Libbo drool the most)...

and just cuz you ask (you remember asking, right?) - what are Libbo's visual attractions? (or in other words, what look turns libbo on? ya see), a list forms below (and the line forms at the right... oh I know, self-indulgent, egocentric, uninhibited exposure, and all that jazz... hey, life's too short to hide... wave your flag, come out and dance, let the world know you exist {unless you really prefer playing with your self in a closet aye?}... seriously, what's the point in hiding?... how will we ever find what we want on any level if we don't let others know what we want or how we feel?... I say, share more, live more... share more, be more... and so does Libbo and Libbo focuses on sharing in this physical, sensual, sexual world... it's not dirty if you bathe... but we're not here to endlessly pontificate as if we need a distraction from an open discussion of sexuality are we?... so close parentheses)... so honesty - what turns you on? J

are we having fun yet? (maybe, but we sure are making fun, aye? lol lam laa) J

we are here because we care about each other enough to really want to know, i mean, the bios is the delicate, sensitive, vulnerable core of the organism, after all... we're not here just for the superficial titillation (though Libbo will seldom discourage superficial titillation cuz, well, what's a Libbo for, anyway?) J

as for me, sexual fantasies can be fleeting, for instance (brief history of this page and Libbo without any order or decourum coming up) if you checked at one point you'd have found Nicole Deboer on top... before her, Meg Ryan was number one (for a long time)... more recently Mila Kunis slides in and out of the top spot (entendres may be intentional) with Linda Ronstadt who wins by a "face" this week (returning after some time down the list as images of her face from years ago nudged Libbo memories... alas, she lets her body go)... Milla Jovovich found her way to the top for a while (i do love to be on the bottom)... as did Zooey Deschanel and Dia Frampton and more than a few others somewhere along the way... Natalie Wood was one of the first (Claudette Colbert was right behind her)... Jenna Coleman was my screen background for all of last year...

xariety is the spice of life?... well, Libbo likes a buffet (almost as much as like tongue and mouth do, in case you ever want to share dinner with me)... so next month, who knows... so for this moment in time, the visual person most attactive to Libbo rises to the top, but since you care so much that you want to know me this well, i shall endeavor to continuously update this based on the momentary whims of the ever so precociously capricious Libbo...

Libbo is way too easy in some ways, but can be quite complex (impossible maze, anyone?) in the details.... that you can see a bit in the parentheses next to each name below as different body parts of different people attract Libbo differently... the perfect nose may be on one person while the perfect eyes is likely on another and the perfect lips on yet another and so on... one person may have the smile that glues Libbo's eyes to it while another may have the most attractive pout... the rest of the body is similarly scrutinized by the libido receptors in the brain so someone might be in the top ten (or top spot) because their face melts Libbo while their body would leave Libbo limp or even repulsed (Libbo is repulsed by fat flabby skin because it represents lack of self-love and even self-destructive damage but that's a whole other discussion for another time for those not in denial and not easily offended by honesty)...

ultimately, the first few representative people below (or more, even) are relatively tied in Libbo's eyes for various reasons we can discuss in greater depths and detail if you care to come closer to Libbo or just want to know... they usual change in their order depending on which interviews or images i've watched or which films I last lived through most recently... the first dozen or so melt Libbo most of the time... the first few dozen usually have Libbo salivating (I can control my drooling when asked to, I mean, I don't swap spit with just anybody... seriously, i don't... kissing is rare by my choice, another reveal to explore if you wish to know more... but for now this is all just superficial fantasy, right?... unless, of course, you look like someone on the list, in which case feel free to feel free to send your resume and body parts {intact, preferably} to PO Box 162843 Altamonte Springs, FL 32716 or better yet, text photos and call me - you can find the number if you really want to and you do need to really want to... I promise to be on my best behavior... you'll have to use your imagination to figure out what that is... the rest of this BIOS and the rest of the written gardens can give you many clues if you are timid)...

back to whatever we are doing here on this page (you're still reading?... you are amazing... please say hi J and tell me why... or just say hi), as I said, for each relatively famous person Libbo chose to represent visual appeals, the features or parts that are most appealing are listed... we could merge all the first few parts of all the people together and Libbo might be satisfied for a while (insatiable, remember?... see why the actual driving {decision-making and such in this life} is left to more stable areas of the brain?... yes there are more stable areas, believe it or not... somebody's gotta {believe}, eventually... I hope... there's always hope... i hope... it is the song that never ends)... anyway, tune in tomorrow and the order and names and parts will likely change... at least a little... maybe (I'm easy, Libbo is definitely not) J

as you may note, recently as people are listed and people started have a more comprehensive web presence, i started adding links to websites... someday maybe i'll add links to photos or photos right here, but i don't want to page to take too long to load)... and finally, for the moment, even as much as Libbo lives in fantasy, nobody seems right for the top spot because, well, fantasy is not enough (oooo, serious moment, no doubt)... though a combination of the first dozen or few would be pretty close to Libbo's fantasy in reality... casual sex is just part of the pleasures of life and a relationship must have much more depth and meaning for me, so while Libbo welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate in the physical reality just how much lust can be inspired in these physical bodies...

. . . o O ( oh dear... here comes a serious moment ) O o . . .

i will seldom let Libbo take the physical and emotional risks of actual physical contact and body-fluid sharing without concrete reassurance from you that you are clean, disease free, and emotionally stable enough to enjoy sex without guilt, shame, or emotional confusion... if you are, you are a rare human... how serious, depressing, even, huh?... oh but you can skip over this paragraph and just have fun with the fantasies if you like... as you wish, ya know? J

. . . o O ( wide-eyed stare... blink... moving right along ) O o . . .

so with all these explanatory notes, technical details, clarifications, warning labels, wanna-be disclaimers and more to be explained someday out of the way...

here is

(scroll if you didn't skip this intro)


Libbo's Visual Dream Date

(so far that is... just kinda put all the pieces together and shake it all about)

(sort of updated in December 2016)

# 1   [this space available... yeah, even libbo wants the one above all else]
(and now, close seconds, thirds, fourths, and so on)

Linda Ronstadt (face, heart {music}, eyes, lips, smile, style, pout, nose, voice, awe, hair)
Mila Kunis (face, pout, eyes, lips, smile, awe, nose, energy, laugh, breast, buns, body, hands, style, hair, voice)
Meg Ryan (awe, pout, smile, eyes, face, nose, laugh, voice, breast, buns, body, style, energy, hands)
Milla Jovovich (pout, awe, smile, eyes, voice, nose, lips, body, breast, face, energy, style, buns)
Natalie Wood (eyes, face, smile, lips, nose, pout, awe, voice, breast, energy, hair, buns)

Vanessa Hudgens (lips, pout, eyes, face, nose, face, smile, body, breast, buns, awe, hair, )
Natalie Portman (eyes, lips, nose, breasts, body, pout, awe, smile, voice, buns, face, style)
Jenna-Louise Coleman (eyes, mouth, awe, pout, lips, nose, laugh, energy, smile, face, style, hair, hands)
Melania Safka (voice, smile, lips, eyes, awe, pout, nose, face, hair, style, breast, energy, laugh)
Zooey Deschanel (eyes, smile, voice, nose, lips, style, energy, breast, buns, awe, pout, music, hair)
Neve Campbell (style, energy, voice, laugh, eyes, smile, hair, buns, nose, breast, lips)
Alanis Morissette (smile, eyes, lips, voice, energy, style, pout, nose, awe, breast)
Summer Glau (eyes, awe, pout, face, laugh, smile, nose, breast, style, energy, voice, hands)
Charlese Theron (eyes, lips, awe, smile, face, pout, style, voice, nose, breast, teeth)
Amy Mainzer (eyes, smile, lips, awe, voice, brain, pout, nose, hair)

Dia Frampton (voice, heart {music}, smile, eyes, lips, pout, breasts, energy, awe, body, buns, nose)
Morena Baccarin (eyes, smile, awe, pout, hair, voice, laugh, breast, style)
Janeane Garofalo (smile, eyes, nose, lips, voice, laugh, pout, style, energy, hands, teeth, hair)
Laura Harris (smile, awe, pout, lips, energy, style, breasts, buns, nose, eyes, voice)
Kelly Clarkson (lips, pout, smile, awe, nose, voice, eyes, nose, music, breast)
Nicole Deboer (eyes, mouth, nose, pout, awe, smile, voice, hands, body, buns, breast)
Samantha Banks (smile, eyes, lips, pout, awe, nose, breast, voice)
Alyson Hannigan (smile, energy, eyes, breast, pout, lips, voice, style, buns, nose)
Christina Ricci (smile, eyes, pout, lips, nose, awe, hair, style, voice, buns, breast)
Camille Ford (smile, mouth, eyes, lips, nose, voice, breast, buns, energy, hair, style, teeth)
Anna Paquin (pout, lips, mouth, awe, eyes, smile, nose, voice, breast, energy, buns, style)
Hayden Panettiere (smile, eyes, pout, awe, lips, tongue, breast, buns, body, energy, teeth)
Erica Durance (smile, mouth, awe, pout, eyes, nose, hair, body, breasts, buns, voice)
Maria Menounos (mouth, smile, lips, pout, awe, eyes, body, buns, energy, voice, nose)
Sandra Bullock (awe, pout, style, lips, eyes, breast, voice, hair, smile, energy, buns)
Kate Hudson (smile, nose, eyes, pout, awe, lips, breast, buns, energy, style, voice, teeth)
Maggie Lawson (awe, pout, smile, lips, eyes, nose, buns, breast, body, hair)
Norah Jones (eyes, smile, voice, energy, style, lips, nose, pout, awe, hair, breast)

Kristin Davis (smile, lips, pout, eyes, awe, nose, breast, hair, energy, voice)
Emmanuelle Vaugier (lips, mouth, pout, awe, smile, eyes, nose, face, hair, voice, laugh, breast)
Goldie Hawn (smile, lips, energy, nose, eyes, pout, breast, voice, laugh, face, style)
Sean Johnson (smile, energy, pout, awe, mouth, lips, body, nose, breast, buns, laugh, eyes)
Alicia Silverstone (smile, pout, awe, eyes, nose, lips, buns, breast, voice, style, energy)
Lisa Loeb (lips, eyes, nose, smile, voice, awe, pout, style, music, energy, buns)
Catherine Zeta Jones (smile, pout, eyes, buns, breast, nose, voice, style, energy)
Phoebe Cates (eyes, buns, face, awe, breast, smile, pout, nose, lips, energy)
Michelle Pfeiffer (eyes, smile, pout, awe, voice, lips, breast, buns, energy, style)
Sinead O'Conner (eyes, voice, heart {music}, style, lips, nose, energy, awe, breast, buns, pout, smile)
Brittany Murphy (awe, pout, eyes, buns, lips, smile, nose, breast, energy, style, voice)
Nina Dobrev (lips, eyes, awe, smile, breast, pout, buns, voice, nose)
Heather Locklear (face, mouth, smile, lips, awe, pout, nose, eyes, hair, voice, energy, buns)

Hannah Spearritt (smile, nose, eyes, pout, awe, lips, breast, buns, energy, style, voice)
Selena Gomez (smile, eyes, awe, pout, lips, breast, buns, hair, voice)
Demi Lovato (eyes, voice, pout, awe, hair, smile, buns, breast)
Jennifer Lopez (smile, buns, eyes, awe, pout, lips, voice, nose, energy, style)
Linda Hamilton (lips, pout, eyes, smile, nose, hair, voice, breast, buns)
Kathryn Morris (lips, pout, awe, smile, nose, breasts, buns, style, eyes)
Emily Deschanel (eyes, breasts, brain, smile, buns, pout, energy, style, voice, laugh, hair)
Ellen Muth (pout, awe, lips, eyes, nose, style, breast, buns, voice)
Jamie Luner (smile, lips, eyes, energy, awe, pout, voice, hair)
Jen Chapin (lips, voice, words, smile, eyes, style, pout, energy, nose)
Justine Bateman (lips, eyes, smile, pout, awe, voice, breast, hair)
Selma Blair (eyes, style, awe, pout, smile, nose, energy, voice, buns, breast)
Deborah Winger (smile, eyes, pout, energy, style, nose, breast, voice, hands)
Stephanie Zimbalist (smile, eyes, lips, buns, awe, energy, pout, nose)
Darryl Hannah (smile, pout, awe, lips, buns, energy, breast)
Lori Singer (lips, pout, nose, eyes, awe, smile, breast, buns, breast)
Katie Holmes (awe, pout, eyes, nose, breast, smile, lips)
Emmanuelle Chriqui (eyes, smile, pout, awe, energy, breast)
Claudia Schiffer (pout, smile, lips, awe. nose, eyes, breast)
Larisa Olynik (smile, pout, laugh, awe, breast, voice, energy)
Clare Danes (smile, eyes, awe, breast, voice, pout, style, energy, lips)
Keri Russell (smile, breast, eyes, nose, pout, energy, style, voice)
Kathleen Quinlann (eyes, nose, smile, lips, awe, pout, style, energy, breast)
Carey Mulligan (smile, pout, awe, eyes, energy, body, laugh)
Kelly Preston (smile, eyes, awe, pout, nose, lips, laugh, buns)
Maria Conchita Alonso (eyes, smile, energy, breast, lips, pout, awe, buns)
Pink (voice, energy, buns, nose, eyes, smile, pout, lips, style)
Ali McGraw (smile, eyes, awe, style, voice, lips, buns, nose)
Avril Lavigne (lips, pout, buns, eyes, smile, voice, awe, energy)

Kristin Kruik (eyes, buns, smile, pout, lips, awe, breast)
Salma Hayek (eyes, pout, smile, awe, nose, lips, energy, buns)
Kristen Johnson (lips, smile, pout, eyes, voice, laugh, buns, hair, style, energy)
Michelle Williams (lips, pout, awe, smile, eyes, voice, hair, breasts, buns)
Mena Suvari (smile, pout, eyes, awe, lips, nose, breast, voice, style)
Charisma Carpenter (eyes, pout, buns, awe, smile, breast, nose, voice)
Christy Brinkley (smile, pout, awe, buns, nose, hair, breast)
Heidi Klum (smile, lips, nose, eyes, style, energy, pout, breasts, butt, laugh)
Amy Smart (eyes, smile, breast, buns, energy, style, pout, lips, awe, nose)
Piper Perabo (pout, awe, breast, buns, smile, eyes, lips, nose, energy, voice)
Merideth Salenger (lips, pout, awe, smile, eyes, breast, hair, voice, nose, buns)
Shiri Appleby (eyes, awe, pout, smile, lips, nose, buns, breasts)
Lauren Hutton (smile, eyes, lips, energy, awe, pout, breast, voice)
Jamie Lee Curtis (lips, smile, awe, pout, eyes, energy, style, voice, nose)
Gina Gershon (lips, awe, eyes, smile, pout, voice, nose)
Rachel Ticotin (smile, eyes, lips, awe, pout, nose, breast, buns)
Kristy McNichols (lips, pout, smile, eyes, nose, breast, style, energy, buns)
Katie Stuart (lips, smile, pout, awe, nose, voice, energy, eyes)
Elisha Cuthbert (lips, smile, nose, awe, pout, energy, voice)
Bjork (lips, smile, nose, voice, style, pout, eyes, awe, energy)
Britney Spears (buns, eyes, pout, lips, smile, nose, awe)
Rachel Hunter (lips, buns, smile, pout, awe, eyes, nose)
Ashley Judd (eyes, buns, awe, nose, smile, breast, voice)
Cameron Diaz (smile, pout, lips, eyes, breast, buns, energy)
Marissa Tomei (smile, eyes, pout, awe, lips, buns, breast, energy)
Kate Jackson (eyes, smile, awe, breast, pout, buns)
Nana Visitor (smile, buns, eyes, breast, pout, awe)
Rene Zellweiger (style, energy, eyes, nose, smile, pout, voice, awe)
Christine Aguilara (voice, lips, smile, nose, eyes, pout)
Patty Smyth (eyes, voice, pout, awe, energy)
Julia Stiles (eyes, style, energy, voice, smile, breast, buns)
Lori Loughlin (eyes, nose, hair, breast, lips)

Sarah Michelle Geller (eyes, pout, lips, awe, smile, style, energy)
Emma Watson (eyes, smile, energy, style, awe, lips, pout)
Holly Lynch (awe, lips, eyes, buns, breast, nose)
Carly Foulkes (smile, lips, awe, body, breast, energy)
from Farscape (pout, smile, awe, eyes, nose, breast, body)
from Lexx (pout, smile, eyes, nose, breast, awe)
Jessica Alba (smile, eyes, nose, voice, awe, breast, buns)
Angie Harmon (smile, pout, awe, lips, eyes, energy, breast)
Alison Krauss (lips, voice, smile, nose, pout, eyes)
Janine Turner (smile, eyes, lips, nose, pout, voice)
Jaclyn Smith (smile, lips, nose, eyes, pout, voice, buns)
Angelina Jolie (lips, smile, pout, awe, eyes, nose, voice)
Terry Farrell (smile, eyes, energy, breast)
Reese Witherspoon (energy, style, eyes, smile, pout)
Katherine Ross (lips, pout, eyes, nose, smile, hair)
Elizabeth Shue (smile, awe, pout, lips, eyes)
Tiffany Amber Theisen (smile, lips, pout, eyes, nose)
Jodie Foster (eyes, smile, voice, style, energy, breast)
Denise Williams (lips, awe, pout, eyes, pout, smile, voice)
Rhona Mitra (eyes, awe, lips, breast, nose, buns, smile)
Meaghan Martin (eyes, awe, pout, breast, buns, hair, voice)
Venessa Williams (lips, awe, pout, eyes, pout, smile, nose, voice)
Annabella Sciorra (smile, eyes, awe, lips, pout, voice)
Shu Qi (smile, lips, pout, style, breast)
Jessica Simpson (lips, smile, pout, awe, voice, buns, breast)
Elizabeth Montgomery (eyes, lips, smile, pout, nose, energy)
Helen Hunt (eyes, pout, smile, voice, style, energy, buns)
Stevi Nicks (eyes, lips, smile, voice, nose)
Renee O'Conner (eyes, smile, awe, pout, lips)
Gwyneth Paltrow (lips, eyes, style, pout, smile, breast,
Summer Phoenix (eyes, lips, smile, style, pout)
Vanessa Williams (lips, pout, smile, eyes, nose)
Liv Tyler (eyes, smile, pout, awe, lips, buns, breast)
Tracy Gold (smile, awe, energy, eyes, voice, pout, nose)
Wynona Ryder (eyes, nose, pout, smile, style, energy, buns, breast)
Brooke Shields (breast, pout, lips, eyes, awe)
Ali Landry (smile, lips, pout, eyes, hair)
Kelly Ripa (pout, awe, eyes, energy, style, smile, nose)
Calista Flockhart (eyes, pout, smile, breast, style)
Kristy Swanson (eyes, nose, awe, breast)
Bethany Richards (smile, awe, lips, eyes, style)
Victoria Principle (eyes, lips, smile, nose, pout, awe)
Farrah Fawcett (smile, lips, eyes, hair, breast)

Joanne Pacula (pout, awe, smile, lips, eyes, nose)
Judy Garland (pout, lips, awe, nose, eyes, voice)
Sally Fields (smile, eyes, nose, energy, awe, buns)
Madonna (voice, energy, eyes, smile, style)
Jessie Buckley (voice, awe, eyes)
Anna Chumsky (eyes, lips, awe, smile, voice)
Xenia Seeberg (lips, pout, eyes, smile, hunger, energy)
Melanie Griffith (buns, nose, eyes, smile, breast)
Demi Moore (awe, eyes, smile, voice, pout, lips)
Carmen Electra (buns, eyes, smile, lips)
Jewel (hands, voice, eyes, energy)
Cyler (smile, eyes, lips, awe, breast,)
Courtney Cox (eyes, smile)
Jennifer Love-Hewitt (pout, eyes, lips, awe, -smile)
Nia Peeples (smile, eyes, buns, voice)
Ione Skye (eyes, nose, smile)
Dominique Swain (eyes, lips, smile)
Nelly Furtado (lips, smile, eyes, breast, buns)
Jennifer Lopez (buns, lips, breast, smile, pout)
Dido (smile, eyes, voice)
Bijou Phillips (pout, smile, eyes)
Shakira (voice, yes, lips, awem buns, smile)
Whitney Houston (smile, lips, eyes, voice)
Janet Jackson (smile, lips, eyes, voice)
Shari Belafonte (lips, eyes, voice, smile)
Yvette Mimieux (buns, eyes, smile, lips, breasts)
Mandy Moore (lips, nose, eyes)
Juliette Lewis (pout, lips, breasts, eyes)
Linda Purl (eyes, lips, smile)
Rebecca Stamos (lips, smile)
Denise Richards (lips, eyes)
Barbara Streisand (voice, eyes, buns, awe)
Fiona Apple (lips, nose, breast)
Vanessa Carlton (voice)
Michelle Branch (voice)

(more to come)

(pun not intended)

(you hopefully do realize this is all just momentary visual libido fantasy, don't you?... I mean, all of these people can have expressions that Libbo finds unattractive... yeah, even the ones at the top... but that's Libbo and that's why Libbo doesn't drive the bus... though Libbo is allowed to play with the stick shift when no one else is on the road) J

even in the midst of judgmental fantasies, Libbo wants to be lovable J



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