(where the toon ponders some desires and attractions and sex and stuff)

I love all the senses this body experiences and hearing is precious for many reasons beyond simple communication... I love to sing and listen to music and other voices that appeal to me... but here in Libboland, we especially explore vocals with Libbo's auditory sense (and of course, from Libbo's rather narrow perspective as well) and use known public people to identify what gets Libbo's attention when Libbo is allowed access to the ears (for what it's worth)...

so what are Libbo's aural attractions... first off, this list is very preliminary... I've put relatively little thought into it and many voices I adore are left off... I haven't decided just what to put into the parentheses yet (as you may see)... I think I left them in there cuz I probably will (are you laughing at me too?)... and the thinking process is occurring even as I write (end line ellipses, aye?)...

ok, shift gears brain and let's get one with it... get on with it too, while we're at it... for fairness, I separated the list into two sections... the top list are people I've heard sing, which gives them a very unfair advantage over people I have not heard sing as singing is a much more expressive use of voice than mere speaking, which is a rather unfair advantage I suppose if you know what I mean (if you don't, then listen more closely and carefully and creatively and maybe even coyly and be amazed as the master of understatement is about to tease you thusly: (clears throat) music kinda sorta matters to me, remember?)...

and the second list are people I have not heard sing (how'd you guess?) J

oh sure, we're enjoying ourselves... but are you?... hmmmmm?... well, hopefully you are too so finally (for now), keep in mind this is Libboland... Libbo is that specific part of me (you know, libido... it's ok if you did not name yours yet, you have time) that relates mostly sexually (and sensually, but still primarily sexually) to the world, so some voices I might love to listen to for many reasons may not appear here or may be way down low on the list simply because that voice appeals to me in many ways, but not sexually... and then again, following this reasoning (you are?), some voices listed real high do not sing a whole lot of songs I'd go out and buy but ooooohhh, what the voice can do to this body...

so the bottom line is that this is not a list of my favorite singers (though many, if not most, are favorites), but much more this is a list of voices that excite this body somehow, a lot, or at least a little... though a few singers/bands got on this list just because the sounds excite the body with energy and memories that include Libbo, but are not primarily Libbo-sexual (Beatles and Moody Blues, for instance) but then, as this list develops, who know what it might become...

is Libboland making sense to you yet?
(so you have sex, I mean seven choices)

J       YES       NO       EH       L

(please explain as much as you want)

(oh, your sixth choice is to respond in some other way... and your seventh choice is to do nothing and not respond... figured that out already, did ya? J)

the email addresses were not checked for years, alas, but I just updated them so they should work now... when all else fails, text 407-325-1482 if you really want my attention and I will text back as soon as I have a moment, m'ok? J

with all that (and knowing me, eventually more) said, the list now begins it's evolutionary presense in my written garden on the web... if I don't recall the name of a singer I'll put the bands name (please remind me... let me know if I spelled a name wrong too)... more voices will be added regularly as I remember to come back here where I hear or remember a voice that seduces Libbo J

Libbo's Aural Dream Date

(so far that is... just kinda put all the pieces together and shake it all about)

(sort of updated slightly on December 27, 2016)

Stevi Nicks ()
Melissa Etheridge ()
Melanie Safka ()
Cindy Bullens ()
Linda Ronstadt ()
Dia Frampton (Meg & Dia)
Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries)
Sinead O'Conner ()
Barbara Streisand ()
Milla Jovovich ()
Zooey Deschanel ()
Jackie Burns ()
Idina Menzel
Jewel ()
Madonna ()
Kendall Payne ()
Lori Carson ()
Lea Michelle ()
Jen Chapin ()
Sarah Maclaghlin ()
Alanis Morissette ()
Sarah Brightman ()
Chandra Lee Schwartz ()
Beth Gibbons (Portishead)
Patti Dahlstrom ()
Pink ()
Amy Lee (Evanescence)
Kelly Clarkson
Patty Smyth ()
Joan Jett ()
Norah Jones ()
Janis Joplin ()
Chantal Kreviazuk ()
Christine Aguilara ()
Chrissie Hynd (Pretenders)
Justin Hayward (Moody Blues)
Adrian Smith ()
Yvonne Elliman ()
Annie DiFranco ()
Lisa Loeb ()
Vitamin C ()
Kristen Chenoweth
Tori Amos ()
Martine McBride
Andrea Corr (Corrs)

Beatles ()
Kate Bush ()
Shawn Colvin ()
Skeeter Davis ()
Karen Carpenter ()
Avril Lavigne ()
Colbie Caillat ()
Bjork ()
Natalie Imbruglia ()
(Gwen Stefani) (No Doubt)
(K's Choice)
Alison Krauss ()
Elvis ()
Tori Amos ()
Whitney Houston ()
Celine Dion ()
Mariah Carey ()
Judy Garland ()
Pat Benatar ()
Britney Spears ()
Bonnie Tyler ()
Beth Orton ()
Anne Murray ()
Harry Chapin ()
Jennifer Lopez
Shakira ()
Beegees ()
Lavada ()
Fiona Apple ()
Toni Braxton ()
Trisha Yearwood ()
Natalie Merchant ()
Bonnie Raitt ()
Tanya Tucker ()
Pavarotti ()
Garth Brooks ()
Liz Phair
Amy Grant ()
Irene Cara ()
Billy Gilman ()
Sheryl Crow ()
Carly Simon ()
Reba McIntire ()
Mario Lanza ()
Nia Peeples ()
Michelle Branch ()
Tamia ()
Liza Minelli ()
Leslie Gore ()
Carole King ()
Maria Calas ()
Roy Orbison ()
Steven Tyler ()
Bon Jovi ()
Meredith Brooks ()
Leeann Rimes ()
Bing Crosby ()
Deanna Durbin ()
Olivia Newton-John
Patty Lovelace ()
Paula Cole ()
Shania Twain ()
Jay Black ()
Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones)
Bette Midler ()
Faith Hill ()
Robert Plant (Led Zepellin)
Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20)
Carl Perkins ()
Michael Crawford ()
PJ Harvey
Pam Tillis ()
Shirley McClain ()
Frank Sinatra ()
Ricky Martin ()
James Taylor ()
Rob Thomas
Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Johnny Cash
Linda Eder
(3 Doors Down)
John Mayer

(and I'd love to hear you sing) J

Mila Kunis ()
Janeane Garofalo ()
Neve Campbell ()
Natalie Wood
Vanessa Hudgens
Natalie Portman
Meg Ryan ()
Jenna Louise Coleman
Summer Glau
Charlese Theron
Larisa Olynik ()
Morena Baccarin
Laura Harris
Camille Ford
Alyson Hannigan
Christina Ricci Samantha banks
Deborah Winger ()
Kristen Johnson ()
Michelle Pfeiffer ()
Sandra Bullock ()
Catherine Zeta Jones ()
Shari Lewis ()
Nicole Deboer ()
Anna Chumsky ()
Clare Danes ()
Demi Moore ()
Katie Stuart ()
Goldie Hawn ()
Amy Mainzer
Linda Hamilton ()
Helen Hunt ()
Alicia Silverstone ()
Anna Paquin ()
Kathleen Quinlann ()
Lori Singer ()
Jodie Foster ()
Juliette Lewis ()
Melanie Griffith ()



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