(where the toon ponders some desires and attractions and sex and stuff)

Libbo is short for Libido, that elusive character who's about as narrow minded or prejudiced or judgmental any of the imaginary divisions of self I create in my literary exploration and explanation of me... Libbo may be a snob... or... Libbo may just have really great taste (pardon my giggles) J

Libbo, like most libidos, is often preoccupied with sex and physical world pleasures... so if you're not comfortable with sex, then maybe you don't want to spend much time in Libboland... of course you could secretly sneak in and nobody would tell... depends on how well you'd like to know me I suppose, dundnit?...

it was once reported that Libbo was the six, or seventh, or eighth Marx Brother, but that was never fully substantiated and the other Brothers refused to comment... there are times when Harpo seemed to want to say something, but he just honked instead and smiled knowingly... in fact, they all smiled knowingly, for what it's worth... anyway, Libbo is also part toon and generally thought to be male, however some secret documents that were never found were used to promote the rumour that Libbo was female, which would make Libbo a lesbian since the attraction to females and female stuff is pretty strong...

hmmmm... my libido is a lesbian... Libbo the lesbo... later J

a moment of seriousness (perhaps... well, I'll try... maybe)... seriously, do I need a disclaimer?... ok, listen up then - if you take all this stuff too seriously you'll definitely not know me... I'm a momentary being... that is, I make a decision and it's how I feel at the moment... in trying to express who I am, I try to find the consistent choices, desires, interests, and stuff and then build a character around those things I observe about myself... so here in Libboland, we can imagine I am creating a sexual fantasy theme park for me (it's just breaking ground, really, all talk and no action, so to speak... but hey, Hugh Hefner did it and it worked for him... and isn't that what a libido is supposed to do?... where did I put the manual for this body and life, anyway?... here it is... the index says the rules for Libboland are found on pages 69 through 666, but hey, somebody tore out the pages... must have wanted the pictures or something... I'll just have to wing it)...

wait, was i serious?...

Libboland is a rather hedonistic place where old god figures like Cupid and Aphrodite and Bacchus and (who'm I leaving out?... Venus if you will) might consider vacationing or building a vacation home... the object is to enjoy it... as much as possible, even... so have fun and if you don't like it, just pick up your toys and build your own (just in case libbo is too playful for you... you may find a more serious look at intimacy along with a personal ad and other stuff in the bios) J

but that doesn't mean Libbo will be ignored J

and before I forget (or before you go), if you've matured or grown up too much to appreciate gutteral humor, unabashed fantasies, uninhibited silliness, sex farts, giggles, and other stuff you're supposed to be embarrased about, then you've definitely come (or maybe you never did) to the wrong place... Freud would be proud, Libbo doesn't repress a thing (though pressing against things, Libbo definitely likes... go ahead, pretend you never did or even wanted to)...

in the supposedly realer offline world, for better or worse, Libbo is seldom driving the bus (see Libbo's sad eyes?) so there are many other aspects of my personality more influential in deciding how and when and why and with whom I might fall in love (or lust or passion or pure physical pleasure or whatever)... what are attractions, after all... how can we quantify or in any way truly explain them... perhaps only by using representations, same as any feeling or fantasy... a while back I explored this subject of ideal attractions in a journal entry (if it hasn't been deleted) that was a rather broad stroke approach and is a fine place to start...

the bottom line is Libbo is mostly intuitive and subconscious... and drawing the attractions into awareness to explain or dissect them just might be the silliest thing to do a it removes much of Libbo's powers... the powers of attraction...

but there is a way to try to help us understand Libbo a bit... there are some senses most bodies have... each of the senses respond to different stimulation differently depending on many factors, including individual preference (conscious and not)... and there are famous visual images and people most people have seen... so cross-referencing these is one way of expressing Libbo's visual attractions... merge all the parts of all the people together and Libbo will be satisfied at least for the moment... tune in tomorrow and the order and names will likely change... maybe (I'm easy, Libbo is definitely not) J

Seeing Through Libbo's Eyes
Hearing Through Libbo's Ears
Smelling Through Libbo's Nose
Tasting Through Libbo's Mouth

(and coming eventually)
Feeling Through Libbo's Fingers
Sensing Through Libbo's Whatever (Libbo's Journal)



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