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A Journal of Sorts



(with introductory notes)

challenging myself to keep up with myself, even if I'm several steps (and as long as a month) behind (wonder if that makes sense to anybody else?) J

you might have noticed that I started a new section in these journals yesterday... it's called STUFF CURRENTLY STIMULATING (OR BORING) THE SENSES and can be found at the bottom of every journal entry... well, some journal entries... and just in case it's not self explanatory, here's the official description of what it's supposed to be (wow, official and all)...

first off... because I work some overnights and can watch videos and I work in a residential setting where videos and music is part of the environment (not just at nights), the visuals and audios are usually not my choice most of the time... I like the randomness of letting others choose and I have a book to read if I've already seen the film or if it's uninteresting... in other words, something being listed in STUFF CURRENTLY STIMULATING (OR BORING) THE SENSES does mean it's got my endorsement or recommendation... it does mean that it passed through my field of sensory perception...

now more specifically (and probably pretty obviously):

visuals... stuff like movies, art, and anything that catches my eye and slips into at least short term memory long enough to find it's way into these journals (or very often, just what's on in front of me when I glance up from the computer or in the background somewhere at the moment I am writing)... and I suppose my libido will have a say here at times as it is such a visual part of me... but rest assured that anything that stimulates me on any level will likely get more than just a brief mention in this new list part of the web world and you may find links (or not, if I'm being obscure at a given moment) to rhymes, pics, or rambles inspired by or related to the stuff listed...

audios... music and anything that my ears hold on to (and again when most of my time is spent at work or in other people's space, just what's on in audio range at the moment I'm writing)... this is just a mention... if the visual or audio or any sensory stimulus inspires me, it'll probably appear in the text of the journal and maybe {if it becomes part of my psyche, even a little} added to the others words or the BIOS or another of the written gardens)...

literata... books and anything that I might be reading (here it's usually my choice, though much of my reading is medical charts and reports for work)... recently I started reading novels again and due to my schedule, I may spend a few weeks with a book since I don't have much free reading time...

edibles... what I am eating at the writing of the particular journal entry (and what I remember eating during the time since the last journal entry)... these days, it's often not my first or second choice, but someone is cooking and I grab something here or there... even when it is my choice, these days my choices aren't the wisest or healthiest all the time and I would definitely would like to share meals (and healthier influences) more often (hint?) J

gardens... here you might find the latest writings in the gardens or some previus writings I was inspired to remember by something today... in some ways, this is a reaction to stimuli more than the external stimuli itself... the mystery might be what specifically (if anything) inspired the writings...

oddends... this particular section (has it's very own DISCLAIMER cuz it's uncensored and links I think might offend a large audience will probably go here)... but essentially, oddends is whatever doesn't fit in with the other stuff... some I might recommend and some I might recommend avoiding, but I probably won't discern which is which cuz that would be telling J

linkage... websites and online stuff that I'll visit again, someday (and might even recommend)... and assorted other interesting or amusing plugs... the web can be an amazing place when some people get a hold of it, ya know?... let me know if you find anything worth browsing and if I haven't gotten around to adding the links to the links index, feel free to remind me J

so anyway, the thing below labelled STUFF CURRENTLY STIMULATING (OR BORING) THE SENSES will appear in every journal entry from now on (that's the plan)... and the one below was the first and is here as an example so you know what to kind of expect and sorta look for... and the web world continues to unfold me (a little closer to the source of all this madness... I think)...

. o O ( ahhh, ever the elusive obscurations J ) O o .

and someday I might even come up with a rating system for the stuff, but not today... today I continue to do my best to keep up with myself...

if you want to know me
you can start right here
or enter wherever you want
I may be anywhere
I defy categorization
and labels do not stick
so if you want to know me
just start with... hi ric

and tell me what you want to know
as specific as you care
the details that you ask for
will be what I share
and if you're just passing through
and find no interest here
then I wish you the best of life
free from pain or fear
and wherever you may go
may you not disappear

but if you want to know me
you can start right here

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