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Letters To Strangers

I used to write letters to strangers all the time, long before the internet...
eventually I'll create a garden for them, but even then some will
pop up here in the intros garden just because... and here's one now...

(this one was written in a local online group, hoping to find a friend)

Thank you for breaking silence here in this group... a long long time ago (or so it seems... maybe I'm counting in dog years), I came to Orlando and set out looking for friends and life and fun (and meaningful, serious sharing too)... this group was one of the ways I hoped to connect with others in this area... many (many) groups (and messages) later, I've begun to wonder if general online groups or communities can really transcend into the offline world...

I've met people through specific topic groups (like those I found or created and listed on my groups page - linked below), but a group based on the idealistic premise 'let's be friends' doesn't seem to work too well... like we're all standing around on a public park... we're there because we're lonely or bored or looking for something, someone, but no one quite sure how to approach and meet the other...

Well... a message, an introduction, an email address or phone number (I'd suggest no numbers unless you have voicemail or don't mind odd calls)... like why we're here... what we want... and... well, following my own advice...

here goes (bombs away? J)

I am not interested in the first questions I generally hear online... a/s/l... age and sex do not matter to me, for it is not my libido I wish to satisfy here... friends come in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, genders and can have a variety of philosophies and interests... location matters only because I'd like to find a friend or friends who are local enough to meet for activities offline, but if you stumbled in here from some other locale and see a friend in me, please don't go without waving hi J

What matters to me is who you are inside... what makes you tick... what is in your heart, your dreams, your fun, your serious moments... what are the basic rules by which you live your live (if you know J)

I think that connecting on these things is how people become friends (as opposed to casual social aquaintences)... I have written a lot of words answering the 'who am I?' question for myself and many can be found online (probably more than you'll ever find time or interest to read, but self-discovery can be a long and winding road, ummm, a rambling process for a babbling child like me J)

what am I doing here, anyway?... introducing me?... a summary in a few words is always inadequate for me, but maybe some of the key words that come 'round again and again when I think of who I am will click in your mind and inspire you to check me out further so...

honesty is my highest ideal - truth is my manna, my rosetta stone, my golden fleece, my god... innocence is my way - not ignorance or inexperience, but the opposite of 'guilt'... a desire to actualize harmless intent is my quixotic goal in this life... well, that and sharing this goal... curiosity is the driving force behind almost all I do... I nurture the child in me who loves to learn, grow, and share as much as possible (even the dark sides of thought and existence), always striving toward the positive energy of life...

music is the fluid carrying my spirit through my soul or anima or whatever we might call that core which makes us who we are... I can enjoy the music of Metallica, Aerosmith, the Stones, No Doubt, Dead Can Dance, Nirvana, Korn, Morgana's Kiss, The Doors, Within Temptation, My Dying Bride, or Dokken (to name but a very few... I guarantee favorites I'd never be without are left off any list) as deeply and easily as I enjoy John Denver, Billy Joel, Elton John, Melissa Etheridge, Sarah Maclaghlin, Garth Brooks, Streisand, Dan Fogelberg, Enya, The Telling, Jewel, the Beatles, or Jackson Browne... heavy metal to light pop to rock to show music to industrial to classical, I love music... Harry Chapin is the single most influence artist of this lifetime for me... I love Lori Carson... I'm currently listening to (and totally emmersed in) Gavin Friday and Jen Chapin...

and I love to sing... I want more music in my life... but music is but one interest... words are another... I write daily and love reading... Stephen King is on the table these days and he's one of my favorites... I enjoy sience fiction and mysteries that ask me, as a reader, to expand my perception, to accept possibilities beyond the known world, and to try to understand the difference that exist and could exist between living beings (humans, for instance J)

I love stories in any genre (film, theatre, and TV are brief enough to hold my interest as a great creative moment is eternal) and enjoy them best when I become part of the story in some way as intimate observer or through a specific character (might be one I create and implant in the story myself J)

I enjoy healthy activities and want more exercise in my life (mutual motivation can be a good thing)... most of all I love helping people... in my professional life and my personal life, I am often told I give too much... I'm no judge, I only do what feels right... giving, helping, sharing is what feels best for me... it's not easy to do this alone :}

and I seldom corect typos... I'd much rather be sharing than reviewing and correcting the sharing and I trust friends to ask for clarification whenever my words are not clear... besides, some of the funniest moments I've ever read came through typoes J

a summary in a few words, huh?... open minds, kind hearts, art, life, nature, love, children, animals, trees, food, sunsets, water, chocolate, eyes, lips, sex, scientific theories, numbers, dancing, pondering navels, world peace, universal enlightenment, pool... and more... yeah, well... did I mention that I dream impossible dreams? J

and I live to be in love...

so ok, I've run almost naked through your mail... yes, almost... I didn't begin to expose all of my scars, warts, hopes, dreams, fears, highs or unpleasantries I've experienced in this life... I'm far from perfect and life has not always been rosey (and roses have thorns) and I still have some baggage yet to unpack and file away... hopefully, though, I am in reality as happy and eager to share as I seem to be in my words (at least I think this is how I seem, but then, you're the reader J)

I am an idealist, I am a realist... I hope to be your friend, I know one out of a thousand people (if we are lucky) really match to be friends... and a true friend is one in a million... still, I hope... and I'm here J

welcome everyone, thank you Michele, and I hope to see more words from more friends in Orlando, FL J

hl, ric
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PS... (important stuff is always saved for the PS in long rambling letters, ya know ;) ... seriously, I hope Alex feels better soon J

* a friend is a stranger willing to be met *

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"I'm wide awake at 4AM without a soul in sight
and hanging on the hope that I'm alright..."
~ Carpenters ~

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... a friend is a stranger waiting to be met ... a friend is a stranger wanting to be met ... a friend is a stranger willing to be met ...

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