looking for roommates, a place to live, and friends...
(latest news in the saga of apartment hunting... updated June 29, 2003)

I signed a lease until August, 2003... but I still haven't found my best friend or lots of others stuff I want so you are welcome and encouraged to say hi...

this does not mean my roommate search is over... after all, I would much rather live with my best friend (or soulmate, when another is found), so please pass along my info and contact me if you relate to what I relate to and feel compatible... here's some info for the moment...

My interests include writing (look around), music (have headphones), reading, exercise, cooking, eating, arts, exploring (the wilderness, new places, movies/videos, games, theme parks, the web, and all sorts of other creative activities), and sharing fun and making memories with friends.

Please write or call if you think we're friends. The right roommate could talk me into just about any comfortable place. Check my website for more or better yet, just ask. And whatever you decide to do, I hope you find and create more smiles than frowns along your way J

* read some more about roommates I seek

give me a call... or send me an email
wanna know more?... some things I want to find
some things I like to do... add yourself to my address book

thank you... honest love, ric

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